3rd Grade- Conflict Resolution 

August: Introduction/ Size of Problems

September: Academic success

October: Types of conflict

November: Conflict escalators

December: Being an upstander

January: Personal Safety

February: I-Messages

March: Quality Apologies

April: Stress Management & Test Anxiety

May: Career Awareness 

4th Grade- Interpersonal Relationships

​August: Introductions & Circle of Control

September: Taking Responsibility 

October: Bullying

November & December: Tough situations with friends

January: Personal Safety

February: Social Media Safety

March: Reputation and Self-Esteem

April: Stress Management & Test Anxiety

May: Career Awareness 

2nd Grade: Growth Mindset & Social Skills 

​August: Introductions

September: Identifying Brain Basics 

October: Not Yet is Okay/Skills for academic success

November: Determination and Grit/Goal setting

December: Mindfulness

January: Personal Safety

February: Kindness & Accepting Differences

March: Social Filter

April: Teamwork & Friendship

May: Career Awareness 

5th Grade- Advanced topics 

August: Introductions/ Conflict management review

September: Goal Setting

October: Gossip & Rumors

November: Self-Esteem & Personal Identity 

December: Problem Solving

January & February: Personal Safety

March: Social Media

April: Stress Management & Test Anxiety

May: Career Awareness & Middle School Transitions 

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Classroom Guidance 

Kindergarten- School Readiness Skills & Managing Feelings

​August- October: School Readiness Skills

November: Identifying Feelings

December: Managing Different Feelings

January- Stranger Safety

February- Personal Safety

March & April: Friendship Skills

May: Career Awareness 

1st Grade: Self-Control & Making Friends

​August-September: School Readiness Skills

October: Regulating Emotions 

November: Big vs. Small Problems

December: Personal Space

January: Personal Safety/Safe-secrets

February: Kindness & Bucket filling

March: Friendship

April: Teamwork

May: Career Awareness