Vision Statement 

The students at Gene Brown Elementary School are resilient learners who believe in their own abilities to succeed in school and in life as future citizens. Upon graduation, students are both college and career ready, and strive to be successful in everything they do. Gene Brown Students have outstanding character. They show empathy for others, act responsibly, live with integrity, are motivated, innovative problem-solvers and productive citizens. Students at Gene Brown Elementary are prepared to make a positive difference in our world.


Mission Statement 


The mission of the Gene Brown Elementary School counseling program is to provide a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate program that addresses the academic, career and social/emotional needs of all students. The program delivers research-based curriculum, data-driven interventions and student-focused activities that help all students reach their maximum potential and become lifelong learners and responsible citizens. Through the delivery of innovative and varied program services, the Gene Brown Elementary School counseling program fosters the growth of all students by addressing their diverse needs, interests, and abilities. In collaboration with other educators, parents, families, staff, and community stakeholders, the school counselling program advocates for equity, access and success for all.