What is a School Counselor and what do they do?

Students in today's society are faced with many pressures and challenges that hinder the educational process and impede their growth as a child. School counselors are available to assist parents, students, and teachers and give them the resources they need. On a daily basis, school counselors are involved in character education, violence prevention, career planning and much more. In a comprehensive and developmental school counseling program, counselors teach guidance classes, plan and implement school-wide programs, conduct small group counseling sessions, counsel individual students, and consult with parents and teachers.





Classroom Guidance 

"Guidance is taught to all students (K-5) at Gene Brown Elementary through Classroom instruction. All classes have guidance class roughly once a month. Guidance classes address 3 main areas (Academic, Personal/Social, and Career) and are developed around the state guidance  and counseling standards. Basic topics include: friendship, self-esteem, character education, conflict resolution, drug awareness, anger management, study skills, personal safety and careers.






Individual and Group Counseling

Individual and group counseling sessions are offered as needed. Divorce, grief/loss, family changes, self-esteem, social skills, and anger management are a few of the reasons that students might need to talk with the counselor. If you feel like your student/child might benefit from individual or small group counseling, please contact Mrs. Lee.